Image depicting the differences between Reality-Equality-Equity-Justice-Inclusion



Diversity expands who is invited to sits at the table. It is an open invitation to people from varied backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to bring new perspectives to the table. Sometimes, the idea of inviting new people can initially introduce conflict for those who do not value diversity. Diversity leads to innovation, shared experiences, and breakthrough.




Equity is not equality. Equity allows each table guest to make a selection from the same menu of items based on their unique appetite and preferences. Each person at the table decides what they want, how they want it served, when they want it served. They also determine the portion size that will satisfy their specific needs. For example, one table guest may require a vegan diet, while another may eat only fish and chicken, and still others may require a liquid or soft diet. The goal is to satisfy everyone’s need at the table, equitably. Equity ensures that all table guests have a choice as to what they select from the menu, including the portion size for a pleasant table experience.



Inclusion goes beyond receiving an invitation to the table; it requires that everyone seated at the table is able to fully participate. Full participation may include the seating arrangements, planning the menu, and how the table will be set to promote meaningful conversations and storytelling. Inclusion allows the development of fruitful exchanges and relationship building. It is the table companion to diversity.

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